Sunday, May 16, 2021

             All Igbos Do Not Support Ipob But All Igbos Are Biafran Boys

For me I am smart and I am not dumb and I am not a follow follow zombie like we say in Nigeria, I follow with sense, I have 50% of likes for Nnamdi Kanu and I listen to him sometimes and pick out the good stuff he says.

Like yesterday I listened to him to the end when he was saying no more cultism in the southeast I totally agree with him. But when he started talking about Joystick that was sent to China I lost interest because I am smart.

Like it or not as much as I don't like Kanu and some of his utterances he is a force and he's got die-hard supporters.My mission and aim is to make sure whenever Biafra is actualized it will not descend into chaos like South Sudan.

I don't follow massob, bim, Biafra nation and ipob, I am in the middle, someone have to be in the middle watching these people because power corrupts the mind.For Igbos like me that have been confused please join me and let us be the middlemen to these power-hungry men.

We must not let the southeast
become like South Sudan and this was my greatest fear and this was the reason I was never interested in anything called Biafra. Igbos must not kill Igbos.But after Danladis comment it hit me. No matter what I do I am still  Biafran boys as long as I am. Igbo.

So we must not sit on the fence anymore let us get involved.

We are Biafran boys/middlemen

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