Sunday, May 23, 2021

Benjamin Madubugwu The Man That Called Buhari A Terrorist In Court

I was on Facebook Street watching videos of  Biafra related issues and I came across one video that caught my attention was during the court days of Nnamdi Kanu and other Ipob members, I watched how they were humiliated and handcuffed in court and we must remember these guys are not dangerous criminals these guys carried no arms and they never shot or killed anyone, the only thing they were guilty of is telling the Nigerian government that they want their own country and all they did was to carry flags and sing.

While the whole commotion was going on I notice a guy with Nnamdi Kanu and he name is Benjamin Madubugwu, these men stood their ground even though there were in the Nigerian undemocratic Court system, a court without judicial freedom and independence, a court controlled by Buhari, how will you get justice in such a Court?, Benjamin did something no Nigerian could do not even while in detention, Benjamin called Buhari a terrorist and I leave you to judge for your self with the situation of things in Nigeria.was he right?

We must commend these Ipob members for their courage of looking evil in the eyes without fear, these guys spoke to the truth and history would forever be kind to them and I am not an Ipob member but I am Biafran by blood and that won't stop me from saying the truth.

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