Monday, May 31, 2021

 Biafra: Can We Build A Port At Onicha River Niger

I am not an expert on niger delta issues, I am an expert on international issues/Fulani related issues because I have studied the Fulanis, I did a little research on Adaka boro as well

I want us to have an honest discussion and those that have knowledge of the maritime industry should educate us, I know the white men used to sail to Onicha back then if we all follow the thread of our Biafran remembrance and we saw that our enemies are still ready to kill us and what they didn't know is that we finally truly saw our enemies and our so-called brothers around us and if you notice many of them did not commiserate with us, correct me if I am wrong did wike say anything about Biafra? Aside from barking like a mad dog with rabies and boasting about not having to sit at home in rivers.

We must really watch these our neighbors very carefully, Adaka Boro killed Biafrans he was used by the Fulanis and they still turn around and blame Igbos and play the victim, I have read Boros brother interview he had with punch newspaper, he said the Northern cabal supported boro to undermine Ironsi and he never wanted any Niger delta Republic and look at what is happening today the Fulanis killed him and no Niger Delta Republic.

We have been facing pressure as Igbos and they insult us and call us landlocked, saying we should leave the Niger delta alone and I think the main people talking are Ijaws and maybe Ikewerre, so now the question is can we build a port at River Niger? We need to end this side talks like we are begging the same people that betrayed us, it is like they are holding us down, we must give them Niger delta Republic or the Ijaw Republic, we have a lot in common with the Efik and Ibibio people and I would love to share the same country with them where we would have equal rights. we have gas and oil in our 5 states and we can take back the part that Gowon stole in 1967, just the Igbo-speaking part.

So maritime guys can we build a port at Onicha, if we can let us face our own Biafra state and if Akwa-Ibom and Calabar want to join they are free, Igbos with knowledge should talk about it, so we should stop wasting time and if it not possible then we need a pact with delta state and the Igbo speaking brothers to have a port there, if we can build at the  River Niger nobody will block our link to the Atlantic, our ships can enter from the Atlantic down to River Niger.

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