Sunday, May 30, 2021

Biafra; How Our brothers Stabbed Us In The Back

My Fellow Biafrans, As we remember our fallen comrades today we must remember our brothers that sold us out and betrayed us, and this story won't be complete if we don't talk about them because my people say na person-way no person day do person, in fact, they helped the enemy the Fulanis to kill and rape us, imagine how those Fulanis would be raping our women back then with their uncircumcised joystick, makes me mad like hell, remember what the useless son of Elrufai said, Our brothers that betrayed us said the whole oil money was going to the Eastern region capital Enugu and they said they wanted to enjoy more of the oil money which is correct, those places should have been like Dubai now that we all love to travel to.

Adaka Boro a well known Fulani stooge, don't take my word for it he said that Tafawa Balewa is the protector of the Ijaws, and according to historians they said Adaka Boro never wanted any Niger delta Republic that he just declared it to get some attention just like his brothers are doing at the NDDC gate a few days ago, he was arrested by Ironsi and kept in jail the Igbos never killed him, so Fulanis released him to fight the Biafrans, your own brothers, Adaka Boro was very popular in the Nigerian circles because he knew how to kill Biafrans and the Fulanis loved him but when he was getting too proud and popular the Fulanis killed him.

We have the Ikewerres the ones who lost their identity, they are like stateless kids, they betrayed their own brothers and sided with the Fulanis to kill us and they stole our properties and beheaded us in the streets and still even wanted to kill the ones at refugee camps, such wickedness, so now they say that they are from Benin, they are like Cain that killed his brother, the Bible already knew these things. Alfred Diete Spiff the chief traitor, Fulanis got advice from the white witch Britain to divide the Eastern region and call some people rivers people, what is rivers? Lol, so dumb and if you ask them today they would say they are rivers people, really, Alfred Diete Spiff  was then made military governor and he supervised the killing of Igbos and the seizure of their properties.

Adaka Boro never got his Niger delta Republic he was killed by the same Fulanis that used him to kill his brothers, I saw some of them like cockroaches protesting in front of NDDC and putting juju Infront of  NDDC give them some few Dollars and they would all go home after they would turn around and blame the Igbos. demand for your Niger Delta Republic now.

Alfred Diete Spiff  was chased away from the land a few weeks ago his house was burnt and his limo was burnt as well. he was the chief architect that sends Niger delta oil to the Fulanis

Ikewerres are lost and stateless I think they fell from space, they have no identity they deny their Igbo identity because they killed their brothers and now say they came from Benin kingdom and Benin's have denied them,.

Lastly, we must always remember to be our brother's keeper and this is what we did for GEJ we supported him with all our heart and got hated by the Fulanis for it, see Benue people they killed us for the Fulanis but we support them now that the Fulanis are killing them, Today we still have some of those traitors everywhere you would find them on Twitter and Facebook and they are governors and senators, Ohaneze and the rest of them, many of them now call the same Fulani army to kill their people in Biafra land Nwaike the governor of so-called rivers state and the warrant Fulani governor hope Uzodinma. GOD BLESS BIAFRA

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