Tuesday, May 11, 2021

 Biafra: Power Hungry Men At War With Each Other

As a kid that grew up in the southwest, we never really knew anything about Biafra it was hidden in our schools and our parents never talked about it, I have always loved Nigeria and I have always identified myself as a proud Nigerian but not anymore, the government of Buhari opened my eyes. When I started following up on the Biafra issue I was not really serious about it I was scared because I never wanted us to be like South Sudan where you have greedy and selfish men fighting for power, I so much wanted Nigeria to be one and I believed in the fact that we need to restructure Nigeria and make everyone equal until Buhari happened. Buhari brought with him marginalization, nepotism, and religious superiority, Buhari made us realize that ojukwu was right to fight the war because everything he talked about is still happening today.

The straw that broke the camels back for me was when danladi umar the CCT chairman beat up a security guard that was not even Igbo and then labeled them as Biafran boys, those words hit a nerve in my body and it made me realize who I am in Nigeria, it made me realize that no matter what we Igbos do in Nigeria we are still Biafran boys, so I started doing my research to know more about my homeland called Biafra, oh how much I love Biafra.

I used to see Nnamdi Kanu on the news but never took the man serious because I see him as arrogant and kind of a dictator because we Igbos are born to hate dictators, read the Igbo history, I never saw Kanu as a humble guy, so my research started I wanted to join the Igbo cause even my girlfriend knew something changed in me, I started eating Biafra, sleeping Biafra and living Biafra, I wanted to get involved for my fathers land because that is where I truly belong, these so-called Nigerians hate us.

I started listening to Nnamdi Kanu, as I always say the man is blessed by the gods and the gods of the land are with him and even though I don't fully agree with everything he says I must confess the Igbos need Kanu because we have no other person like Kanu now, only Kanu can tell the sultan of Sokoto to shut up and he will name any igbo man that can do that.. I would wait.I must confess I am always looking forward to Kanu's next broadcast even if I don't have a pen and paper everything he says enters my brain and I pick the goods ones.

During my research I got to know that nnamdi kanu and his deputy were no more and his deputy went ahead to form his own group called biafra nation, I took my time to listen to the cause of the issues between them and i realized it was money issues and lack of trust between them. Deputy complains that kanu does everything without his input and that he is not regarded even as the deputy of the largest mass movement on earth like Kanu says. just like what buhari is doing to osibanjo. As I said I don't believe in Dictatorships and this is where I support uche mefor, how do you do things without your deputy? You disrespected him, I believe even though I am not a member of ipob they should have a board where people have votes and can vote kanu down so with that been said I started listening to biafra nation human rights radio to get a clearer picture of what is going on between both camps, remember the fear I had about biafra turning to South Sudan my guts was right.

I discovered biafra nation was like a revenge station created not because of biafra  but to spite kanu and I must applaud them at the same time for telling us about the dangers of Kanu's one-man show but at the same time they need to change their strategy, I am not saying they should not expose Kanu one man's show because we need a platform like that but they should channel 80% on biafran struggle and 20% on kanu and thereby they can win more igbo people that are still undecided on who to follow, biafra first and kanu can come later, you can't beat kanu at his own game because the man is more charismatic and he's got a very sweet mouth that can convert a non believer and this is why trying to beat kanu on radio might be difficult.

Let us focus on biafra first and we can deal with kanu later remember kanu is the leader of ipob and not biafra, remember even ojukwu was rejected when he contested for an election. I like the blue print of biafra nation and this is my believe and what I stand for, a country built on human rights, freedom of speech, freedom of association and the rest. So after carefully studying biafra nation I don't think that I would be joining them and i won be joining ipob as well, I would listen to them because I believe a smart man listens to everyone. I don't want to take sides in this biafran struggle, we all want the same thing and not fight each other, so I have decided to be in the middle to checkmate everyone because only then can I tell kanu, mefor and Uwazurike their mistakes.

I went on to know more about massob, I didn't really see much, but I figured massob was kind of well organised, they had passport, plate numbers and massob is recognized by the international community but most of what I heard about massob was bad, I heard how they were extorting their own people in the name of biafra and make no mistake massob have paid the price for the biafran struggle as well, the other day when Uwazurike was talking about kanu he said kanu sent gunmen to his house and Uwazurike showed his house and I was surprised, I saw a limo and I do not know if Uwazurike was a rich man before the struggle for Biafra, many that see him swimming with wealth says he stole from the biafran people in the name of biafra, so I can't join massob

So I decided instead of joining any of these groups I can actually stand alone so I can correct these men when they make mistakes, I decided to form a movement called biafran middle men, me and people like me would not take sides with any of these men, our duty is to make sure they don't turn biafra to south sudan, we must police them like the Eagle, the most important thing is us not supporting the Fulani, our aim is to support our brothers kanu, uche mefor, Uwazurike because at the end of the day all we want is biafra

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