Wednesday, May 19, 2021

 Confused Igbos still shouting one Nigeria

I was reading through a Facebook and the page is owned by a Massob member and I say this because he promotes everything Massob and this guy was crying that police arrested a member of Massob because they thought he was a member of Ipob and I am saying to myself are these people really Alrite when would this confused Igbos learn that you are a Yamiri or Biafran boys according to the street fighting judge, Fulanis don't care if you are bim Massob, Ipob, Biafra nation, or BNL, they see you all as Igbos.

The earlier Igbos wake up and know who they are the better, I used to be like them I so much wanted Nigeria to work because I was born and raised in Lagos until I realized that I am still a Biafran boy no matter the proverbs I say in the Yoruba language, we must stop this ethnic confusion, if your mother goes to meeting every Sunday you are a Biafran, the Fulanis won't ask if you are Massob before they remove your head ask the people in Benue they don't ask if you are TIV or Idoma they will kill you.

I am not a member or Ipob, ,Massob or Biafra Nation and I would never join any one of them because i don't want to take sides but I have discovered my identity and I know who I am and I am proud of who I am, I want to stay in the middle and I won't take sides with all those other groups and I say to Igbos stop supporting the Fulanis against your brothers, these people don't like you, don't be the Joe Ibokwe of Igbo land

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