Sunday, May 16, 2021


               Do You Think The Nigerian Government Take The Yorubas Serious 

Freedom does not come easy and looking back Nigeria was a company formed by the British and the Nigerians never fought for freedom, as much as we hate to say it blood must be spilled to achieve freedom in a zoo-like Nigeria.

Look at what the Nigerian army did to the Shia people, watch the video they killed unarmed people, I mean unarmed.

The Igbos have paid the price for freedom and they are willing to do more and this is why the Fulanis are scared of the Igbos and truth be told they are silent on the Yoruba agitation because they can not fight on both fronts. Buhari can not arrest Igboho because of the Igbo agitation, if he tries it and at some point, they will, then he would hit the final nail on the Nigerian coffin.

Igbos since 1966 have been paying the price and massob and ipob and other igbos have already paid that price.Do the Yorubas have what it takes to achieve freedom from Nigeria? Can they keep it coming like Igbos after been killed and killed?

I am a fan of OSHA since he started and I am still a fan,I support the Yoruba nation and they must not back down, we must free ourselves from this British Fulani-created entity.

We have nothing in common with the Fulanis, absolutely nothing.

I am igbo and I am biafran boys

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