Friday, May 28, 2021

 Don't Be An Idiot Sit At Home And Remember Our Heroes And Heroines

As the Biafran genocidal remembrance day is in few days, there has been exchanging of words between Uche Mefors camp, Uwazurike camp, and Ipob over the sit at home order and I won't forget my stupid descendants of Nnamdi Azikiwe the Abuja and Lagos Igbos who love the business and properties more than the lives of Igbos that died for the partial freedom that they enjoy today, in Israel, there is always a remembrance and people respect those that died, they stop in their cars for some few mins and honor the dead and I always use Israel as an example because we both experienced genocide and we share cultures and traditions.

The greedy Lagos and Abuja Igbos care so much about their business that they are willing to be a slave and lick the feet of the Fulanis and I say to them no more of this nonsense, we must honor the dead and I must say I support Kanu's need for enforcement of the sit at home so that our people would receive sense.

Why do we keep on pretending like over 5million people didn't die? May God bless them they are braver than us, they stood and died for freedom, would Nnamdi Kanu even threaten to enforce the stay at home order if we did the right thing, we should shut down the east and mourn for our dead, imagine what our population would have been by now if they did not kill our best minds.

If you know me you would know I always disagree with Nnamdi Kanu but I fully support him on this, Ndi-Igbo stay home and mourn your dead, don't disobey and I support flogging anyone that flouts this order and again this is not about Nnamdi Kanu it is about Biafra and to Uche Mefor, George Onyeibe and Uwazurike, stop fighting Kanu on everything, Igbos must sit at home and in the nearest future that day Should be a public holiday in our land.

we must be taught to mourn our dead and let me remind George Onyeibe you said why haven't Kanu built any monument for the dead and I support you, Biafra nation and Uwazurike should go ahead and build it and we support you, but Igbos must sit at home or else the order would be enforced and next year there would be no need to enforce it because the people would now know the importance, in fact our hero's day is as important as the Christmas holiday.

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