Thursday, May 20, 2021

 Fulanis Love Using Christians To Do Their Dirty Jobs

The problem we have as a people in the geographical expression is that we don't read and we don't know our history, we used to think these people are just cow herders but they are cunning and smart and they know how to play the game very well, I was reading to about Joshua DogoYaros speech when Buhari was removed as military head of state and I noticed the Joshua is a Christian name and I asked myself why didn't the Fulani read that speech why use a Christian man from Jos to read the speech and then install your Hausa brother Babangida to rule.

So you must understand how the Fulanis operate during the counter-coup of 1966 masterminded by a Fulani man Murtala Muhammed, remember this a Fulani man masterminded the coup, and then they used the Danjuma a Christian from Taraba state to do the killing of his own fellow Christian brother and we all know the first coup was not an Igbo coup but story for another day.

After killing Ironsi and Fajuyi, the Fulanis then installed Yakubu Gowon the genocidal manic to lead the massacre of the Igbos because they knew that there would be backlash from killing Ironsi and don't forget Yakubu Gowon the war criminal is a Christian an Anglican.

The Fulanis used Gowon a Christian to make a Benue man the chief of army staff his name is Col. Joseph Akaahan a Christian obviously from Benue state and in turn this man recruited Benue Christian's to fight fellow Christians and this fake Greek appointment led the Tiv to supply the highest number of men to fight on the Nigerian side in the bitter civil war 1967–1970. And they didn't stop there the Fulanis made J.S.Tarka as Federal Commissioner for Communications. And in case you don't know who J. S Tarka is he was a man that wanted a middle belt state, Fulani made him commissioner and he abandoned the struggle for a middle belt republic and this serves as a warning to South-Eastern leaders, I know J. S Tarka would be rolling in his grave now because the Fulanis have destroyed Benue and took over their land.

After the Fulani finished using a Christian man to commit genocide against the Biafrans, the Fulanis removed Gowon while he was away in Kampala and you need to watch the video and see how Gowon was running like a rat, the same Fulani man that masterminded the coup in 1966 was the person that removed Gowon, do you clearly understand now, they allowed him to do all the dirty jobs.

Fulanis came to the west and used Awolowo a Christian to further deal with the Biafrans, Fulanis made Awolowo invoke a blockade that lead to the death of Igbo women and children, Fulanis made Awolowo give Igbos 20 pounds after the war, in return for all these they promised Awolowo that he would be president and eventually Awolowo died.

Again the Fulanis turned Igbos against each other and made the so-called rivers people kill their fellow Igbos because of greed and envy, Igbos have been living in ikewerre land for the past 400years and that was their home until the Fulani used a Christian governor to divide South Eastern Nigeria and called those people rivers people and those people went ahead to massacre Igbos their brothers they didn't stop there they stole their land and properties and today look at the rivers people as they call themselves, they are suffering the Fulani destroyed their land and stole their oil and they are dealing with pollution and other environmental issues and in fact, many of them can't even fish.

So you see having analyzed history it is clear and obvious that the Fulanis used us against each other take for example the current governor of IMO state that invited the Fulani army to kill his people and again the little Hitler Nwaike invited the army to kill Igbos

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