Sunday, May 16, 2021

Igbo Landing Story Revolt Against Oppression, Tyranny, And Slavery.

When the almighty God created the Igbos he put in them the DNA to hate and dislike dictatorship and slavery we were not born to become slaves we can't endure slavery-like some people, so we rather die than be slaves and this brings me to the story about the Igbo landing of 1803 in the USA where Igbo slaves took control of the slave ship and refused to submit to slavery.

Igbos chose death over slavery thereby committing suicide by walking into Dunbar creek in the USA and this brings me to what happened in Nigeria and what is still happening, the Igbo rejected slavery and oppression in 1967, and let's face it only the Igbos that have stood their ground against oppression and slavery I am not talking about Fulani wars that happened many decades ago when they fought with arrows and Dane guns, Igbos fought against the Egyptian fighter jets, British arms, Arab mercenaries and the whole of Nigeria, and we are still doing it today in 2021 because we are not wired to accept slavery.

Infact, we hate slavery and dictatorship. Other tribes of Nigeria must understand the Igbos it is not like we love making trouble it is just the way God almighty created us an average Igbo man hates injustice and dictatorship and would always speak out, it is in our DNA so don't blame us the only way you can make us happy is to be fair to all and follow the rule of law and freedom of speech and expression and don't marginalize us because we won't stop talking but as it is now the only thing we want is freedom and freedom we shall get.

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