Friday, May 21, 2021

 Igbos Have Called The Fulani bluff

I was born in the west of Nigeria and we were not used to riots and beheading at every slight opportunity this was the way it was in the North, I remember my mother telling me to go study in the North and I refused, I just could not live in the North because I hate dictatorship and religious hatred.

The current minister in the government of Buhari was the chief engineer that led to the killing of a Christian student in the North for no reason, he was stoned to death, we have seen numerous stories of people killed in the North over Petty things, and there's a saying in the south if you like speak Hausa then we see them all as Hausas not knowing the masquerade in the background are the Fulanis, they say even if you speak Hausa as an Igbo or Yoruba they would love you but when the trouble starts they would come to your house and kill you first, so I have always had that phobia about the North and living in the North, northern Nigeria is not like other Arab countries, these ones are maniacs ready to kill without looking back.

The people in the North kill southerners remember how they killed youth Corpers sent there to serve their fathers land I remember listening to the story of a survivor I cried and when they start even The Nigerian police would run away because those Corpers went to the police station and those blood-hungry mob chased them there and even the policemen took off leaving those blood-sucking zombies to kill innocent people. they kill with impunity and nothing happens nobody was tried or sent to jail. 

Then came the strong Biafran agitation lead by Nnamdi Kanu of Ipob, Fulanis unleashed the army aka civilian killing machine like I call them to kill Ipob members singing and holding flags, but these guys never stopped they continued and their love and passion for Biafra earned them followers and it increased to millions of followers both in Nigeria and abroad and then the Fulanis knew this was no joke. 

In the past, if you defend yourself against a Hausa man or Fulani in the south the Fulanis would go around killing people from the south and this made them untouchable in the south but today ESN kills Fulani cows and the Fulani does nothing, you why because they know they have no more power and monopoly of violence and they know that one attack on a southerner or an Igbo man in the North would hasten the break up of Nigeria because Nigeria is breaking up already and this is why it feels that they are like dogs chained down and asked to do nothing, they know that if they kill any southerner that is the end and the south won't turn the other cheek anymore.

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