Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Igbos Have Forgiven The Tiv and The Ikewerre

I was reading the news about the Fulanis chasing Tivs away from Taraba and while going through comments some people said we should allow the Fulanis to wipe out the Tiv for their betrayals against the Igbos during the civil war, during the pogrom the killing of Igbo military officers in the North Igbos fleeing were blocked by the people in Benue and killed on behalf of the Fulanis and I feel rage and anger while typing this, my people have really suffered so much in this British nightmare and I wonder what the people from Benue were trying to achieve? They wanted to please the Fulanis? The people of Benue do not know their history those gallant people stopped the Fulani jihad in 1804.

J.S Tarka a man that wanted the Middle Belt Republic was fooled by the Fulanis and they gave him a post in the cabinet of the war criminal Yakubu Gowon and J.S Tarka betrayed his people and joined the Fulanis and the Fulanis went further to make a man from Benue the chief of army staff and in return, Benue supplied the highest number of men that fought and died in Biafran land.

I have studied the Fulanis very well and I know how they operate, they did the same thing in today's rivers by Breaking up Eastern Nigeria and gave some people the name South South and in return, they killed and took the properties of Igbos, so painful, but we the Igbos have forgiven them and we have moved on and it is time for them to forgive themselves and work with the Igbos to free ourselves from the chains of the Fulanis, I hold no grudge against the Benue people and the Ikewerres for what they did, we forgive them.


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