Monday, May 31, 2021

 Igbos Must Support Niger Delta Republic

We must have a pact with Niger delta people now, I was on Twitter going back and forth with a guy from the Niger Delta(Ijaw tribe )you know we have many tribes there and they fear the Ijaws and because of this finger-pointing against the Igbos by our own brothers that has been going on for so long and it led me to do some research about Adaka Boro and I got lots of info about boro and even from the interview his brother gave to punch newspapers, Adaka boro was used by the Fulanis, he said Tafawa Balewa is the protector of the Ijaw people, their argument anytime we talk about Biafra, they say see what Ojukwu did to Adaka Boro and why did he forcefully join them in his Biafra and remember a man from Niger delta gave us the name Biafra that many of my people died for today, so I really don't get where this brotherly hate is coming from, Ijaws won't tell you that adaka boro formed an army and fought Biafrans until the same Fulanis killed him

Yes, Ironsi put adaka boro in jail and never killed him, and then Gowon released him to fight the Biafrans, and thank goodness Ironsi never killed him, or else Igbos won't hear the last of it and they said Ken Saro Wiwa also helped the Fulanis fight against the Biafrans and at the end the same Fulanis killed him and the same Fulanis killed adaka boro through col adekunle, now Niger delta who is the enemy? Igbos have not been in power since the Fulanis killed Aguiyi Ironsi and till today you don't have your Niger Delta Republic.

I get mad and pissed when I see you people crying at NDDC gate, dude this is your land and your resources why do you prefer to be guards of pipelines been sent to Sokoto instead of you getting your own country, I saw an interview today where Nnamdi Kanu said Nigeria offered him 5igbo states and he refused because he wanted other tribes to be free, well kanu you would need to change that mindset now, Igbos can live with 5 states.

Anyone that sees this article and is close to Nnamdi Kanu must show him, we must not be like our ancestors, we have oil in our Igbo states, we can survive with our states, we must have a pact now with the people from the Niger delta let us not be like our ancestors, we must have this pact now, so as to give them confidence and so they can all support Biafra, we cant be fighting the Fulanis and be fighting our own brothers in our backyard, we can keep the place Gowon stole from Imo or Abia state.

We need that pact now and with that, the Fulanis would see that we are united, the pact would assure them of Niger delta Republic or the Ijaw Republic and those that want to stay with the Igbo States would stay and we would have a rotational presidency for all tribes in Biafra with one development plan that we would all we agree on in a referendum, 4 years each for each tribe and they must all follow the master plan to develop everywhere the same way. I prefer to live in the same country with the descendants of Phillip Effiong a man I respect a lot and if they say they don't want us they can be in the Niger Delta Republic, we should not treat the Niger delta as kids or as their hero fighting for them, no. They must have an equal share at the head of the table we must talk to them now.

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