Sunday, May 16, 2021

                   Is everyone against ipob A saboteur 

I have been watching as the name-calling and death threats fill social media, ipob vs biafra nation, ipob vs massob and ipob vs all other groups and it seems like if you don't support ipob you would be Labelled as a sabo like they always say but I tend to disagree and I would give you the simple meaning of sabo.

As I have always said I am not a member of ipob and I don't think that I would be joining soon and I won't even be joining uche mefors Biafran nation, I just want to stay on my own and be the Biafran middlemen, I don't fully agree with Nnamdi Kanu sometimes but I must admit we need him now because the gods are with him and Biafra is bigger than Kanu, we must make sure we correct him when he is wrong and support him when he is right.

I am not saying we should all support ipob, but we must all support Biafra because that is our aim and goal, I have watched the likes of Chukwuma Dike who gave himself a funny title, and Ijele whom everyone sees as a clown and a sabo which is indeed true because he said it with his own mouth and on the street, we would call him a rat and  now
to get to the meaning of sabo It simply means doing the bidding of the enemy.

For me I won't take sides between the different Biafra groups but I will stand for Biafra and I would never do the bidding of the Fulani or support the Fulani, once you support the Fulani you are a sabo and must be regarded as such, disagree with ipob and other Igbo groups but do not support the Fulani against your brothers, and we must learn from history Fulani are known to divide and rule.

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