Tuesday, May 18, 2021

 Is The Kaduna Mafia Really dead? 

We all know in Nigeria things are not done based on merit, we do things in Nigeria based on tribe and then religion before your click or mafia or cult group and in Nigeria, we have this mafia or cult culture and this issue has eaten deep into the souls of Nigerians and especially today's youth and even the rich in Nigeria even after making money they would still go and join a mafia or cult group, people were surprised when they saw a picture of E-money throwing a sign of a cult group and they were asking why does this man still need to belong to a group with all his money, well it is just who we are as Nigerians we love groups to make us meet with the high and mighty in the society and we believe if you don't belong you can't get up there. 

The Kaduna mafia was formed after the killing of Ahmadu Bello they wanted to oppose the new regime of Aguiyi Ironsi they were made up of military men and businessmen and intellectuals looking for a way to control Northern Nigeria and the whole of Nigeria you know how they say the Illuminati Controls the world and the Kaduna mafia has its base in Kaduna, of course, they are the Kaduna mafia. 

During the regime of Obasanjo, the Kaduna mafia achieved its first success as they got positions close to corridors of power and they used that their new power to put in their friends and family a crazy type of nepotism so you know nepotism did not start today in Nigeria and the group returned to the corridors of power when Umaru Musa Yaradua became president and below are the list of Kaduna mafias according to Wikipedia and then be the judge. 

Abba Kyari – Assisted Igbos officers from escaping Kaduna in 1966. 

Shehu Musa Yar'Adua –Brother of  umaru musa yaradua 

Mohammed Lawal Rafindadi –The most notorious NSO today's DSS director in the history of Nigeria. 

Iya Abubakar – Minister of Defence-1979

Ibrahim Tahir – Minister of Internal Affairs 

Ismaila Isa Funtua – Minister of Water Resources 

Adamu Ciroma – Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria 1975

Sani Daura – Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development 1999

Mahmud Tukur – Vice-Chancellor of Bayero University Kano  and Minister of Commerce and Industry 

Mamman Daura – editor of the New Nigerian  Chairman of Nigerian Television Authority  former board director and chairman of the Africa International Bank

Hamza Rafindadi Zayyad – managing director of the Northern Nigeria Development Corporation 

Ahmed Joda – permanent secretary of the Federal Ministries: Information, Education, and Industries 

Ibrahim Damcida – permanent secretary of the Ministry of Trade permanent secretary of the Ministry of Defence, permanent secretary of the Ministry of Finance, board director of First City Monument Bank

Umaru Mutallab – Minister of Economic Development  Minister of Cooperatives and Supplies  managing director of United Bank for Africa  chairman of First Bank of Nigeria and Chairman of Jaiz Bank and father of the famous underwear bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab  

So if you ask me I think the Kaduna mafia is alive and kicking and El Rufai is the product of the Kaduna Mafia.

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