Monday, May 17, 2021

 Is Nigeria an Islamic country

Nigeria a country blessed with wealth located in the southern part of the country and The is divided between Muslims and Christians, Muslims in the North of the country and Christian in the south of the country and we still have a number of Christian states in the North as well and we have Muslims in the south.

Nigeria is a secular country but in 1986 the then military head of state join the organization of Islamic cooperation and people in the North were happy and people in the south rejected it and to the extent, Babangida removed his second in command that opposed Nigeria joining the IOC his name was commodore Ebitu Okoh Ukiwe he was removed as chief of General staff for opposing that move and I must commend his bravery.

For those of us that follow international politics, we read about how the president of Turkey Erdoğan called Buhari to get his support at the UN against Israel and for those that know Erdogan he does his international policy and friendships based on Islam he wants to be seen as the new sultan and the defender of  Muslims all over the world and the same man is still occupying North Cyprus, Syria and parts of Iraq, Erdogan has been calling leaders of Muslim countries and then you begin to ask and wonder is Nigeria an Islamic country or a secular country.

We all know the Fulanis from the North control everything in Nigeria and they impose anything they want on the south and we have Southern leaders that are cowards and remember the North wanted sharia law in a secular country and then southern president Obasanjo granted their wish in a secular country and remember we have Christians in the North as well and they imposed sharia law on them.

We all know having sharia law in a secular country is against the constitution of Nigeria but nobody can do anything because the Fulanis control Nigeria and we have seen the sharia law brutally enforced in the North in 2002 Amina Lawal a single mother in Katsina state was accused of adultery and sentenced to death by stoning but the conviction was overturned.

I hope you understand and see the reason why president Erdogan of Turkey called Buhari because he knows Nigeria is an Islamic country and Buhari is a known supporter of backward Islamic ideology and if you doubt me the current minister of communication is a terror apologist and Buhari did not remove him instead he defended him and let him continue with his job.

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