Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Is Nnamdi Kanu prepared for war?

For those following the events in Nigeria and we saw how the Fulanis met and declared war on the Southeast and South South, according to Sahara reporters the Fulanis are pulling out some military men from the front lines in BORNO state and they are sending them down to the southeast and South South and you begin to ask is it a crime to ask for freedom the North did it in 1953 and Azikiwe did not tell the British to send the army to crush the northerners and you begin to ask can the demoralized Nigerian army fight in multiple fronts because I know a new front would be opened in the southwest.

The Fulani-led federal government must come to the table and stop using the stick to quell every situation that occurs in Nigeria, the people of the southeast want nothing but freedom and the world is watching the civilian killing machine aka the Nigerian army.

I was listening to Nnamdi Kanu a few days ago when he was saying the government took his bait and he wants the army to come down to South East and perish and yes we know guerrilla warfare is hard to win and the army would find its self in a very difficult situation, but I ask if Nnamdi Kanu ready for this? we all are following the news about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict As Christian and Igbo we are born to love Israel and we have 50million Igbos supporting Israel because we share the same culture and traditions. But I was wowed by Hamas, I saw rocket launchers and suicide drones, ready to be used against Israel, and for the record Hamas is not fighting for freedom, it is just business.

So I ask Nnamdi Kanu are you really ready? Do you have guide missiles, rocket launchers, and suicide drones? Igbos must not be allowed to die for no reason, if we want to do it let us do it right and force the world to negotiate with us. The world is already calling Hamas to the table to negotiate, the scars of the first war have not even properly healed, we must get it right this time

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