Friday, May 28, 2021

 Kanu Must be Careful And  vigilant

I was reading a news story that broke today about almost 40 people killed by the Fulanis in Benue and for you to understand the Benue Fulanis conflict you have to go back to history, Benue people stopped the Fulani jihad of 1804 and this is why Fulanis never reached the east we would have defeated and drowned them in the river Niger of course, but you must understand that this Fulanis and Benue clash didn't start today.

For now, we Igbos have only Nnamdi Kanu, we have nobody else, you doubt me? Mention one person fighting the Fulanis now aside from Nnamdi Kanu and ipob now, some are shouting non-violence while the military is killing their people, some are on human rights radio shouting, these people should know that they are dealing with Fulanis and not the whites.

Remember Gana the Benue hero that was fighting the Fulanis and I know you remember him, he was lured out of hiding for peace talks by the Benue state government, and the Fulanis executed him, it was an order from Buhari to kill him, take your mind back to what they did to Nnamdi Kanu they wanted to kill him at his house and they ended up killing 28 people.

So Nnamdi Kanu must be Careful when going for any peace talks and by the way, the only talks that he should be going for are referendum talks if Nnamdi Kanu is harmed it would kill the morale of we Igbos but of course we have some traitors in Igbo land that would rejoice because it was the same Benue people that sold out their son Gana defending them against the Fulanis, look at what has become of Benue today, total massacre, mass killing, and rape.

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