Sunday, May 23, 2021

 List Of Countries That Lack The Moral Right To Criticize Israel

We all see what is going on between Israel and Palestine and you must understand the history behind the conflict so as to understand what is going on and we all see the hypocrisy going on and as I said the conflict is nothing but a multi-billion-dollar making machine people are getting rich from this conflict and this is why they don't want it to end, Israel has been willing to make peace and make sacrifices so they can have peace and their children can live in peace without the psychological torture of sirens and rockets.

We all know countries around the world stole land to be where they are today and I would be giving you a few examples and I feel most of the developed countries were built on stolen land and they have no right to point fingers are Israel.

Let's start from their master Britain, now tell me why Britain says they own land close to Argentina?

USA stole land from the native people, what connection does the USA have with Guam and I was reading about the story of Hawaii how the USA stole the land from them.

Australia stole from the indigenous people, New Zealand stole from the indigenous people, China stole land from the Uighurs we all know the Uighurs are not Chinese. Russia stole land from Ukraine and Georgia. France and many more.

We all know Saudi was a Jewish land and it was stolen by the Saudis and we come to the biggest hypocrite of them all Turkey, we all know present-day Turkey was stolen from Christians and I call Turkey the biggest hypocrite and they have no moral right to accused or point fingers at Israel, Turkey Currently still occupies North Cyprus as we speak, they kill the Kurds and occupy part of Syria and Iraq.

I am sick of the word hypocrisy when it comes to the Jews, why can't you people allow the only Jewish country in the world to breathe, the world powers are full of hypocrites who themselves built their countries on stolen land.

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