Monday, May 17, 2021

 Meyetti Allah Declares War on Southern Nigerian Governors 

I was reading a publication on Sahara reports where Fulanis aka Meyetti Allah aka Fulani herdsmen the 4th most dangerous terror group in the world the same people that have killed people in Benue and taken over their villages, ever since the meeting of the southern governors at Asaba there has been unrest in the kingdom of the Fulani caliphate they never in their wildest dreams believe that the south can come together.

While they are still crying about this meeting of governors a historic announcement was made by the Yoruba freedom fighter forging a strong alliance between the Igbos and Yorubas and I am wondering  how this earth-shaking news would affect the kingdom of the Fulani caliphate

Now back to the meyetti Allah story, they said that they can not comply with the laws of the southern states and the governors must provide them with ranches and they can't stop them from doing their business and you begin to wonder where did these Fulanis get this kind of liver? Like we say in Nigeria, what right do the Fulani herdsmen have to tell the southern governors what to do? They went further to say the ban is an empty policy, and they said if the governors stop them from grazing then they Should be preparing for confrontation and Their action is a declaration of war on the herders. Omg! They just declared war on our governors.

Lastly, they said that they would take the governors to court and you begin to ask why did the British really join us with the Fulanis? Buhari gave these people the green light to feel that they own Nigeria, you can't force your policy on the south, in the North you have sharia and you destroy people beer worth millions of naira and the south says nothing and when we say we don't want open grazing anymore you threaten to unleash hell. I am trying to understand the kind of madness that we are facing today in the name of Buhari, the south must be vigilant and be ready for the Fulanis because when they threaten confrontation and war they mean it.

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