Monday, May 17, 2021

 Nigerian Army history of killing Civilians

If not for politics and the unseriousness of the international criminal court many Nigerian military leaders would have been charged and jailed and we all saw what played out when Buratai the former chief of Army staff and his gang of war criminals were made diplomats so he won't be arrested for all the crimes they committed in Nigeria this man was in charge when innocent and unarmed Shia Muslims were killed and the same man was in charge when unarmed Biafrans were killed and we know the army is very famous for killing, raping and burning things and just like my favorite musician Fela said na the burn burn na him they sweet them pass, which simply means they love burning and killing, it is their passion and they do it without remorse.

Nigerian civilian killing machine like I call them, would never investigate when one of their member is killed what is the use of military intelligence? Does that office really exist? Or those people are just getting pot bellies and stealing money and not doing their jobs, how do you just go to a village and kill everyone and burn down houses, you need intelligence to target the people that killed the military personnel instead of going around attacking and killing innocent civilians and you ask how is the Nigerian army different from Boko haram and bandits? 

I remember what happened in Benue in 1964 the army and the airforce was deployed to quell riots and they wanted to kill just one man called Tondo Agende and at the end, the Nigerian airforce bombed them and killed over 3000 people and destroyed properties worth millions of dollars.

We all know this popular one Biafra where the Nigerian army used Egyptian pilots to bomb and kill women and children and over 5million people died.

In 1999 the army went into ODI on a revenge mission and killed over 2500 people.

2001 massacre in Benue state by the civilian killing machine like I call them, Weapons used by the army included machine guns and grenades. In Gbeji, 130 civilians were shot in the market square and then set soldier was arrested or jailed, in fact the Benue people have suffered from the hands of the Fulanis and make no mistake this hatred goes way back in 1804 when the Benue people stopped the Fulani caliphate jihad.

2015 Zaria massacre by the Nigerian army 348 civilians were killed, with 347 bodies secretly buried by the army in a masse grave.

2018 Nigeria. The army opened fire on unarmed Shia civilians killing over 45 people.

2019 Nigeria are opens fire and killed 20 Shia Muslims.

2021 killing in Benue after some people killed the Nigerian army like always instead of investigating this civilian killing machine went Crazy and started killing and burning down houses like ISIS terrorists.

I saw a video of when Boko haram just started the Nigerian army killed unarmed people, I saw the video they shot them in the Back  and they shot Yusuf founder of Boko haram who was in handcuffs.

Unarmed Ipob members have been killed by the Nigerian army and by my estimate, it should be over 1000 Ipob members killed we all know the Nigerian army loves to Bury bodies just like they did at Lekki toll gate.

The most recent one happened at the Lekki toll gate this same army killed civilians I mean unarmed civilians and they took their bodies.I wonder why the international community sold humanity for oil, this Nigerian army has been committing crimes for a very long time and non have been arrested or prosecuted.

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