Monday, May 17, 2021

         Nnamdi Kanu psychological warfare Against The Nigerian Army

We all heard the Nnamdi Kanu Broadcast  Yesterday and it shook the whole world like an 8.6 magnitude earthquake and everyone is still feeling the aftershock now and I am sure every intelligence agencies are watching and even Buhari would already be briefed on Nnamdi Kanu's broadcast Yesterday, the Efulefus like Nnamdi Kanu calls them are already pissing in their pants, they said Nnamdi Kanu has gone mad, make no mistake I don't always agree with Nnamdi Kanu, The news has created fear in the hearts of friends and foe alike in the whole of Igbo land and abroad and everyone is on high alert and politicians are scrambling to go to Abuja and  to see Buhari and tell him to stop his planned invasion of the southeast. so fear not all you Efulefus and Otelectuals, nobody is bombing anyone.

The problem I see with people on the other side I mean people like Massob and Uche Mefor and the so-called president of de facto government Asari is that they are not doing anything on the ground, they gave Kanu this power that he has now, when Fulanis were killing and chasing people away from farms Uwazurike did nothing, I mean absolutely nothing, governors did nothing.

IPOB singlehandedly chased away Fulani killer herdsmen from the southeast and even Miyetti Allah confirmed it and  Ipob paid for it in blood, In Incase you don't know the army is coming because of Meyetti Allah was defeated.

I am not a member of Ipob because I cant follow the command and control structure of Ipob but I am a Biafran by blood. We must stop this Kanu blame game and proffer solutions,I mean alternative ways to get freedom, the Fulanis are coming to kill Igbos they won't ask you first if you belong to Ipob, and one thing Igbos don't know is that you are still an (iyamiri) a derogatory name they call Igbos and because to those Sahel marauders if you like be Joe Ibokwe or Chris Ngige you are still a Biafran boy.

I also listened to Kanu's broadcast and he pointed out the hypocrisy of people in Nigeria, what did you do when the army was killing unarmed Ipob members? Is Ipob truly a terrorist organization? Fulani Herdsmen are the 4th most dangerous terror organization in the world and yet they are free in Nigeria, the army has killed over 1000 unarmed members of Ipob, what did Ipob do to Buhari? Did they fire rockets at Aso Rock? you see your hypocrisy? are Ipob not humans? did the British kill northerners in 1953 when they wanted to leave Nigeria?

Look this is what we deserve for keeping quiet and not speaking up or do something, I always disagree with Kanu, but for now, the rest are doing nothing, we should stop pretending and face reality, and just like he said the world once called Nelson Mandela a terrorist, Nigeria can not survive another civil war and it would eventually hasten the break up of Nigeria and let me remind you that the Nigerian army is the most unprofessional army in the world, I call them the civilian killing machine, they are trained to kill civilians, look at the woman the police killed in rivers state right in her room.

We must stop pretending and face reality, Nigeria is gone already and for Nnamdi Kanu abusing black people, well he is right, black people are slow and they love oppression, go and look at what is going on in Hong Kong, Myanmar, and many other places, as long as nobody is providing an alternative, people would follow Nnamdi Kanu, Uwazurike, Uche Mefor and the rest just talk on social media and they do nothing on the ground, just in case you don't know the Nigerian government ordered the army to come to the southeast and kill, remember the shoot on sight order, do you want the people to fold their hands and get killed? Just like the governor of Benue state said the goat does not have teeth but it would bite to defend its self.

I don't support the suicide bombing route but I think it is psychological warfare rather than a real one and the message would hit the heart of the civilian killing machine aka the Nigerian army that it is not business as usual, the only solution is for the world powers to bring everyone to the table and divide Nigeria peaceful, Nigerian is not working and we must stop pretending.

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