Monday, May 17, 2021

 Northern Nigeria and the Palestinian hypocrisy

Israel and Palestinian one of the oldest wars in modern history kicked off after there were problems at the mosque in Jerusalem, the mosque which was built on a Jewish temple many years ago is holy to Muslims and the wailing wall is holy to Jews as well. Israeli police said they stopped people trying to cause trouble after prayers and you must know that Israel upholds freedom of religion in Jerusalem where Muslims, Christians, and Jews all have the freedom to worship their God.

We have seen the hypocrisy of the world and even countries currently occupying other countries eg Turkey is pointing fingers at Israel the only Democracy in the Middle East, how ironic, we must understand the conflict and as I said in my previous article Hamas is not fighting for freedom because they have been given deals upon deals to make peace and they keep rejecting it and remember Israel is the land of the Jews and even the Muslims know this.

Coming to the hypocrisy in Nigeria we see the Igbos supporting Israel because we share cultures and traditions and we know Israel wants peace and just like the Jews Igbos are peace-loving people, only thing Ojukwu asked for at Aburi was true federalism and the Fulanis refused and killed over 5million Igbos, the Nigerian government released a statement telling Israel to respect the rights of Palestinians and right here in Nigeria the army is killing unarmed Ipob member and Igbos, Ipob never fired rockets at Aso Rock like Hamas did.

Muric a know terror sympathizer came out to blame Jonathan for not supporting Palestinian at the UN in 2014 and this same Muric is criticizing Igbo People for asking for their freedom the people in the North are holding rallies in support of Palestinian, now do you see the hypocrisy? Israel has given deals and made sacrifices so that there can be peace and I ask what has the Fulani-led Nigerian government done to give Igbos their own country aside from killing unarmed people, we as a people must stop this hypocrisy and stand for the truth.

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