Thursday, May 20, 2021

 Open letter to Igbos in Northern Nigeria

You see How Malami The Attorney General of Nigeria just targeted Igbo business in The North Because  Governors from The South banned open Grazing.

I was born in Lagos and I can boldly say the Yorubas are not as heartless as the people in the North I always say this I can never live in the North because I don't understand how people can be savages and turn to animals in seconds, we all read of how a Christian in the university was killed on the orders of now terrorist minister in the cabinet of Buhari and this same Buhari refused to remove the said minister what does that tell you? remember the preacher woman that was beheaded, you know Nigerians always like to pretend and forget 

Yorubas are free and accommodating and we share the same interest and ideas and I don't see the Yorubas as the enemies of the Igbos just that you are still regarded as an Igbo man if you are not Yoruba, If your investment is in Yoruba land I can sleep with my 2 eyes closed because I know the Yorubas they are bigger than taking or destroying Igbo properties unlike the ones up north that have no regard for human life.

I know we as Igbos love business and we are truly Nigerians if there is anything called Nigerians, we are everywhere we like to assimilate and even after the war it did not stop us from going to the north to start life again we truly believe in one Nigeria, but my brothers read the handwriting on the wall.

I know it is hard and I know it is not easy to just pack up and leave but we must do it gradually because don't pretend like you don't know what is going on now, I know you read the news, do not allow those people to Slaughter you before you leave.

If you want to come back to the north later you can with your own passport and visa and then you can be protected under international law because if you are touched it would be a declaration of war.

So use your tongue to count your teeth and leave the North now, is it better to start now than when it would all be in chaos that is when you will start running, I need not remind you that as long as you are Igbo you are still Biafran boys and they might be nice to you now but when it happens they would Slaughter you like animals, history already taught us this.

Stop pretending like  Nigeria won't break because it will, a word is enough for the wise

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