Tuesday, May 18, 2021

 Palestinian Conflict The multi-billion Dollar Business

I know you must be wondering what I mean by saying that the Palestinian issue is a multi-billion dollar business by world powers and those that use the Palestinian issues to win the heart of nationalist in their home countries and those that want to be seen as the defender of Islam eg Turkish president Erdo─čan, as all know the issues bedeviling the Turkish people, their currency is a mess and turkey is the largest jailer of journalists in the whole world, Erdogan has purged democratic institutions so what better way to divert attention if not the Palestinian conflict. 

The world really doesn't care about Muslims, regimes use the state of Israel as a pawn in this blood business, how come the world is not complaining while China puts Uighurs in cages? The same Erdogan does nothing. Where is Erdogan's outrage about people in Yemen killed by airstrikes from Saudi and UAE, where is the world outrage when the Nigerian army killed unarmed Shia Muslims? Kurds have been fighting for their own countries for years and Turkey has been bombing them and where is the outrage? or are Kurds not Muslims? 

Let's face the truth and go back and read history we all know Jerusalem belongs to the Jews, let me ask you some questions what was the capital of Palestinian? What was the currency of Palestine? Remember that mosque at the center of the conflict was built on a Jewish temple like the Muslims did in India, don't take my word for it go and read.

I don't see Hamas as freedom fighters they are businessmen and we must understand that Hamas is not after peace, they want to destroy Israel and they don't recognize Israel as a country, do you know the majority of Hamas leaders live lavish lifestyles in Turkey and Qatar? Hamas is been funded by Iran that sends billions of dollars in cash and weapons and so tell me if there is peace how will Hamas get those billions of dollars? 

The world is after scoring cheap political points with the Israeli /Palestinians conflict and this is why I said Hamas can't win this round of diplomatic war because the whole world saw them fire at Israel first and I support president Biden when he said Israel have the right to defend its self, imagine rockets falling on Paris or Washington.

I must conclude and say that you need to see the conflict for what it is a billion-dollar project, very soon the Qataris would come with billions of dollars and share to the people in Gaza strip, remember the Palestinian people also receive billions of dollar from the UN as refugees and president trump saw the scam and this was why he stopped the funding, Palestinians leaders in Gaza and West Bank do not want the conflict to end or else they would suffer, how do you keep saying you are refugees after 74yrs really? The world has moved on and so should they, they must make peace, and world powers must stop playing games and end this conflict once and for all so Palestinians and Israel people can live side by side with a demilitarised Hamas.

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