Tuesday, May 18, 2021

 Story Of Bring Back Our Girls Nigeria

Once upon a time, there was a king that came from a minority group whom the Lord used to bless his people as the first man from that village that was made a king this man was an accidental king he never wanted to be king but you know the king is dead and the people need a new leader.

This new king was loved by all there was food in the land and people fed well and fat even though we had some servants in the King's cabinet that are corrupt and overfed themselves with the people's wealth. People danced and were happy because the harvest was good and there was plenty to eat.

Remember I told you that the new king is an accidental king? The relatives of the dead king were angry and fuming and they were angry and like those biblical stories they had envy and they wanted to dethrone the king or Turn the people against this lovely new king, the new king did a lot for the relatives of the dead king and their tribe but still they were not satisfied they wanted the new king out because they believed the throne belongs to them.

The relatives of the dead king had a plan to disrupt the kingdom so they planned to bring in fighters from another neighboring kingdom to make the kingdom ungovernable so the people would hate and drive the new king, but as faith would have it the new king was able to defeat the enemies the dead Kings relative Brought and this made those plotters in the new king cabinet furious and they said to themselves this man still defeated the enemies and even made the people love him more you know like those roman stories they started planning and plotting again.

They then decided to use women against the new king, they knew the new king loved women and respected women, so they brought 2 women from the new kings closest tribe and they brought another one from the dead king's relatives tribe and they brought in some of those militants that the new king defeated to kidnap children in schools and the rest was history, the new king was furious he could not believe it the Queen was sad and emotional, she cried before the people. Then the relatives of the dead king started mocking the Queen and incited the people to mock the Queen.

Because of the incident the bigger kingdoms in faraway lands refused to trade and do business with the new King they stopped their ships from sailing, maybe those 3 women didn't know what the dead king relatives were planning?, maybe they used them? We don't know the true story the writers that recorded the story when it happened ages ago didn't write it down.

So eventually the new king was dethroned and there was sadness in the country, people mourned and cried as if the new king was dead but he was alive and banished to his village and the people were scared to speak because the dead Kings relatives are wicked and cruel and they could kill anyone that speaks up remember they say throne belongs to them.

The new king went back to his village and lived there forever and one of the women that were used against the new king who was from the tribe of the dead Kings relative was made the chief of the largest seaport in the kingdom and the other 2 women that were from the neighboring kingdom close to the new King that was dethroned were not given anything they were betrayed by the people that used them to dethrone the new King, they left them high and dry and the people cursed and hated the 2 women because they see them as the cause of the problem bedeviling the kingdom now because light departed from the kingdom when the dead king relatives took over, there was famine and hunger in the kingdom and death everywhere.

The first picture is of the woman that was made chief of the largest port in the kingdom.

The second picture was when they used them to remove the new King that was loved by the people.

The last picture is of the 2 other women that were used and dumped.

The End

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