Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Sunday Igboho gives the police 1week to release OPC Members

We have been talking about the injustice in Nigeria and everyone is refusing to speak up, the Nigerian police kidnapped Igbo people holding the normal Igbo meetings in Abuja according to my brother here on Nairaland, even my mother still goes for Igbo meeting we know the Nigerian government security agency didn't start the kidnapping style today and soon after this country is broken all those people illegal arrested would be released just like it happen during the end of NSO Now DSS.

Sunday Igboho Gives Police One Week Ultimatum To Release OPC Men Detained over Wakilu still held by the police and it would surprise you that the OPC members that caught the notorious Fulani warlord wakuli are still been held by the police, what kind of injustice is this and this is why the people hate the police and military as Sunday Igboho said the police should release them or face protest by the people very soon and when we are going to say enough is enough to all this kidnapping and injustice.

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