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 The Dark Secrets of Nigerian Intelligence Agency DSS

In 1976 the Fulanis told Obasanjo to create an intelligence agency after the Dimka coup Because the military hierarchy was caught unawares because they never saw it coming and remember Murtala Mohammed the leader of the counter-coup of 1966 was friends with Dimka and Dimka also participated in the 1966 counter-coup that killed Aguiyi Ironsi and Fajuyi.

The Fulanis never wanted such to repeat its self again so they decided to form an organization that would detain, torture, kidnap and arrest people for just saying anything bad about the military government and their nickname was Gestapo in black from 1976-1986 this organization was controlled by only people from the North and their names are Colonel Abdullahi MohammedAlhaji Umaru Shinkafi, Mohammed Lawal Rafindadi, brigadier General Aliyu Mohammed Gusau, these men ruled the organization with an iron fist and without following the rule of law.

The NSO supported rebels fighting for freedom in South Africa and Zimbabwe, during the reign of NSO there was widespread nepotism, promotions had been political and a new system of patronage was also introduced where the successful coup plotters and their kinsmen got choice government positions and those who were seen as outsiders were either summarily retired or arrested on trumped-up charges of coup-plotting.

In 1988 something we only see in the movies happened and something we think that is only done by the CIA, Wole Soyinka received a letter from an inmate telling him about a secret detention facility and. It was later discovered on Ita-Oko Island, a remote island located in the Lekki Lagoon. The Ita-Oko detention center was a prison colony run by the NSO where most political prisoners were held. The Island was totally cut off from all civilization, it was only accessible by helicopter or boat, and the waters surrounding it were crocodile-infested. It was established in 1978 and they lied that they wanted to use it for agriculture and imagine how many people that they just have killed and buried there?

In 1981 it was alleged that a senior military officer stole some secrets and sold them to the French and this was Nigerian battle plans for war against Cameroon, NSO was responsible for trying to kidnap Umar Dikko, the regime of Rafindadi was crazy as people were arrested and detained for no reason and decree 2 of 1984 by the Buhari regime which gave them the power to detain anyone they see as a threat and Buhari regime published another law called decree 4 saying you must not publish any material that is deemed as an embarrassment to the government of Buhari and 2 journalists paid the high price namely Nduka Irabor and Tunde Thompson were sent to jail under decree 4.

The NSO became crazier under Buhari there was repression against journalists, opposition figures, 25-month detention of my favorite musician Fela, they even purged those they feel were disloyal to Buhari and in 1984 the NSO allow the Emir of Gwandu the father of Buhari's ADC to bring in 53 suitcases without inspection and guess who was the area administrator of customs back then it is the one and only Atiku Abubakar.

I would say that the regime of Lawal Rafindadi's was the worse as the NSO was plagued by the arrest of anybody they think is a threat if they have a dream about you been a threat they would arrest or kidnap you  Brigadier Abbas Wali, a former defense attach√© to the UK and Adjutant-General of the Nigerian Army. He was kidnapped by the NSO in kano and nobody knew where he was, so remember this DSS kidnapping did not start today.

NSO under the same man Lawal Rafindadi started a wiretapping program that eavesdropped on conversations of government officials, dissent, and anyone they see as a threat, he purged officers for no reason he even  purged those in NSO

After Babangida took over all those detained by the NSO under Lawal Rafindadi were eventually released and this includes Femi Falana, the same Lawal Rafindadi was caught operating 8 foreign accounts that had 17 million pounds in 1985 and imagine how much that would be now he was forced to return the money and take note this man was NSO DG under the regime of Buhari, yea now you understand.

So in order to understand where we are going to, we need to understand where we are coming from and so that the Gestapo style of the DSS shouldn't surprise you because it is the same organization with a different name.

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