Tuesday, May 11, 2021

  The Fulani Failed Plot To Divide The Igbos and Yorubas

We all woke up to the comedy because it was comedy to me because I laughed so hard when I saw the news and I said to myself do these people think we are all stupid and dumb. First I must commend the pan Yoruba Omoluabis that laughed at the news as well and released a statement telling the Cp of Lagos that they know their plans and their plans won't work. We must thank those groups for standing up to the Fulani scam, this is not 1967 these people can't fool us anymore and I think Fulanis messed up this time around, how do you have Fulani killing in Benue, South West, South East and you expect us to keep quiet. Fulani did this divide and rule in Benue, rivers, and other parts of Nigeria during the civil war.

First and foremost ipob is not a terrorist organization and ipob would never attack a sister country like the Yoruba nation, I was born and raised in Lagos so I know what I am saying, the Igbos and Yorubas don't fight each other we understand each other, the only people you see killing Yorubas on their land are the people from the North, just look at what happened at Lasu. We have more Igbos and Igbo investments in Lagos than in any other part of Nigeria and it is even laughable to think Igbos would even do such.

We must understand where this divide and rule is coming from, remember the current Cp of Lagos State Was a boy to Tinubu, so now you understand, as the pan Yoruba groups rightly pointed out the Cp he never came out to name the Hausa/Fulani that killed people at Ketu and Lasu, but quickly came out to call out ipob. The Cp has never called out the Fulani herdsmen killing people and making them homeless, this funny attempt of the Fulani to divide the Igbos and Yorubas failed and died on arrival and the Fulani must now Bury their heads in shame and nothing is going to stop Biafra and Yoruba nation, Tinubu and his Cp can go and live in Sokoto if they like.

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