Wednesday, May 19, 2021

 The ikewerre And Their Identity Crisis

I was reading a piece by the COORDINATOR of Ijaw Monitoring Group, Comrade Joseph Evah he said below,

The reason was that during the war, we did not follow the Igbos. We supported the northerners against our Igbo brothers. Now, Jonathan is the President of Nigeria, Igbo had to forget about the way we maltreated them during the war, collectively decided to support Jonathan.

As Nnamdi Kanu said the so-called river's people are scared of saying their Igbos because the land would kill them for betraying their brothers during the civil war those people were like Cain in the bible that killed his own brother, they are denying their Igbo identity because of what they did during the civil war, I saw them dancing in the UK and saying down to Biafra they beheaded and stole land from the Igbos and as if that was not enough they wanted to kill those in IDP camps, you killed your own brother and supported the enemy, gods of the land have punished you and thereby your land is uninhabitable, these are the punishment of the gods, nobody betrays his brother and goes free.

We Igbos don't care if you are confused on the head about your identity but like it or not Biafra would come and Igbo speaking parts of rivers would be annexed you Ikewerre people that don't identify as Igbos can stay with the Fulanis, This generation of Igbos are not like the ones that went to beg the warrant little Hitler governor after he supervised the killing of Igbos in his state and he is bold to say trash that man should be in prison.

We the new generations of Igbos won't beg anyone to be Igbo because it is your personal choice and at this stage, we don't even need you and you need us because I know you won't want to stay with the Fulanis that are killing and raping and destroying your land, in my opinion, you can have your own Niger delta Republic and the Igbo speaking part and those that identify as Igbos would join Biafra

By now all of you should be ashamed of yourselves and bury your heads in shame because the same thing Ojukwu fought for still happens today, your land has been taken over by the Fulanis, you work as gatemen and cleaners in your own oil companies, why do you think UAE imports foreign workers because they don't want their people to do those dirty jobs.

Look as I said we the new generations don't care and we are tired of this nonsense, you can be your ikewerre but do not interfere with our quest for Biafra like you did before because we would not accept that in this new age.

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