Sunday, May 9, 2021

                 The New Lovers Of Biafran Freedom Ipob

I just watched a live video of Uche Mefor the ex-deputy leader of Ipob, I am mostly called Ipob because every Igbo is mostly viewed as Ipob these days, even though I am not a member of Ipob, with the Internet age and the Ipob warriors would tear you apart, all they want is Biafra or Death, They want their own country.

Can you imagine singing the Biafran national anthem in Biafra land with the Biafra air force flying ahead oh this is a day I hope will come soon, Biafra would be a country that I would be passionate about, and in fact, when people ask me where I am from I  say I am a Nigerian with one side of my mouth because of where I live I can't just start explaining to them about Biafra it would be a long interesting story, of a people that died for what they believed in, I imagine  Biafra with Biafran flags everywhere, where we can hang our flags without fear, our country Biafra I hope you come soon? Igbos/Ipob are destroying Uche Mefor under his page.

The Fulani can not fight another civil war I swear no country would support them and this would lead to a faster and peaceful break up of Nigeria because the international community would call for a referendum fast, What Uche Mefor fails to understand is that the southeast is already militarized.

The south Eastern policemen and women should stop killing their people for the Fulani and I think the offensive Kanu is using would be stopped or let me say UGM or maybe they think what is happening is a joke, I am telling you Nigeria is gone, The country is heading for a breakup.

Uche Mefor posted pictures of dead brave Biafran boys killed while facing off with the Fulani army and expected Igbos to feel sorry or curse Nnamdi Kanu, people are angry says a guy in the comment he went on to say this would even make Biafrans harder he says you kill us and we kill you, even the governor of Benue told his people that they can carry arms and defend themselves this is how low that it has gotten to in Nigeria, It is Biafra of death this is what they say, so posting those pictures was counterproductive.

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