Thursday, May 20, 2021

 The north and fears of restructuring Nigeria

The meeting of the southern governors of Nigeria at Asaba has generated a lot of reactions from Nigerians from different part of the divide, we in the south are hailing the meeting as the first of its kind after many years, this goes to show that the south is uniting and only one governor in the southeast was missing at this historical meeting and on the other hand, the people in the North are fuming with anger, one man from the North even went on AIT to say the governors met at a hotel and why did they not invite the Fulanis and I must ask when the Fulanis wanted sharia in the North did they invite the southern governors? Arewa governors meet always in the North without inviting Southern governors and they make policies for the whole of Nigeria and shove it down our throats.

The meeting of the southern governors was a historic one and it showed the people in the North that the South is speaking with one voice and they are tired of the killings and the security unrest caused by the Fulani marauders from the Sahel and we must applaud these governors for putting their political differences aside to meet as the issue is greater than politics.

We have seen reactions from the North and they all sound mad because their slaves had a meeting without inviting them the master but I must say to the Fulanis that their days are numbered and Nigeria is already breaking the earlier they accept the better, Northern politicians that reacted to the meeting of the southern governors all opposed restructuring Nigeria, they say Nigeria is good the way it is and you begin to ask what is good about Nigeria now? Where one section that contributes nothing to the Union is lord and master over the people that have the riches?

 The North must understand that we the people no longer want to restructure because they already milked Nigeria dry, we want our own country we want a country free from the Fulanis. as someone said the whole government agencies are filled with Fulanis, from NNPC, CBN, army, police, airforce and all major agency someone even said when you get those agencies you would feel like you are in Fulani land. You must ask yourself why is the North always pissing in their pants when we mention the word restructure Nigeria.

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