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 The World Must Let This Tiny Jewish  Nation Live

As an Igbo man From Biafra Land, I know what genocide means and even though I was not born during the war, I have seen pictures and read stories about what happened how the Fulanis used a Christian man from the middle belt to kill the Igbos and after that they removed him. The Nigerian civilian killing machine AKA Nigerian Army like I call them with their Arab Mercenaries killed and massacre the Igbos because we asked for freedom and you must note we have nothing in common with these people they are Muslims and we are Christians and Jewish people and traditional worshippers, we have been there for thousands of years before the British lumped is together so yes I can relate to what Hitler did to the Jewish people. Nigerian army killed and starved thousands of Igbo children, they massacre people at Asaba, so I know the pain. Nigerian government used the Egyptians to bomb and kill Igbo civilians.

All Igbos are Israeli supporters I don't know why but we are born with it and it is in our DNA, we share everything from traditions and cultures do your research, over 50million Igbos love Israel and we hold Israel close to our heart and we can't forget how Israel helped us during the genocidal war and me particularly as much as I was born to love Israel I still had to do my own research about the Israeli Palestinians war because I wanted to understand how it all started and what is truly going on.

In my findings and research, I discovered that Israel is willing to make peace and even when the British shared the land Israel accepted and the Palestinians refused and they attacked Israel and in the process, Israel won and gained more land and let us remember Israel is the ancestral land of the Jews even the Arabs knows this. Jerusalem belongs to the Jews, Israel never chased the Palestinians away, the Arabs told the Palestinians to leave and after they destroy Israel they can come back but the plan backfired and Israel won the war. Ever since then we have had peace deals after peace deals and the Palestinians still refuse to live side by side with Israel they want Israel to be pushed Into the sea. I would give you examples of why Israel wants peace.

Oslo accords in 1993:The crux of the Oslo agreement was that Israel would gradually cede control of the Palestinian territories over to the Palestinians in exchange for peace.

Camp David summit: US President Bill Clinton convened a peace summit between Palestinian President Yasser Arafat and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak. Barak reportedly put forward the following as "bases for negotiation", via the US to the Palestinian President; a non-militarized Palestinian state split into 3–4 parts containing 87–92% of the West Bank including only parts of East Jerusalem, and the entire Gaza Strip, The offer also included that 69 Jewish settlements (which comprise 85% of the West Bank's Jewish settlers) would be ceded to Israel, no right of return to Israel, no sovereignty over the Temple Mount or any core East Jerusalem neighborhoods, and continued Israel control over the Jordan Valley.

Arafat rejected this offer. According to the Palestinian negotiators, the offer did not remove many of the elements of the Israeli occupation regarding land, security, settlements, and Jerusalem. President Clinton reportedly requested that Arafat make a counter-offer, but he proposed none. 

Taba summit 2001:The Israeli negotiation team presented a new map at the Taba Summit in Taba, Egypt in January 2001. The proposition removed the "temporarily Israeli controlled" areas, and the Palestinian side accepted this as a basis for further negotiation. With Israeli elections looming the talks ended without an agreement but the two sides issued a joint statement attesting to the progress they had made.

Israel gave up territories which they won during the war with Egypt, they gave it back for peace. Israel signed a peace treaty with Jordan which I consider Palestine. Israel pulled out of Gaza for peace, Israel has been trying and is willing to give up land for peace, can you imagine rockets raining down on Newyork or Paris?. 

Hamas can never win this round of diplomatic war because the whole world could see that they started it by firing rockets to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, me personally I do not see Hamas as freedom fighters I see them as businessmen using the conflict as a way to make billions of dollars, no country on earth would allow rockets to be fired at civilians and they would do nothing, take for example how the Saudis retaliate when the Houthis launch missiles at Saudi. 

The Palestinian conflict is a multi-billion-dollar money-making machine and trump was the only president that could see it, how come the Palestinian people are still claiming to be refugees after 50 years, Hamas is refusing to accept peace with Israel because the flow of cash would dry up, the Arabs, on the other hand, are fed up of the Palestinians from Saudi to UAE to Sudan, they can see the Palestinian scam and they can see the Palestinian want no peace, Arabs have sacrificed a lot for the Palestinian cause and they are tired and this is why many of them are already establishing ties with Israel.

Israel is willing to do everything for peace because let's face it no one can live under a barrage of rockets it even affects you psychologically, Hamas needs to be ready to make peace and drop their arms and make peace for the sake of the innocent Palestinian women and children.

We must all understand the Israeli Palestinian conflict and to do so you have to read about the history of the conflict so as to understand what is going on today, Israel wants peace but Hamas wants to push Israel into the sea which they know is impossible but because they are businessmen and not freedom fighters they keep brainwashing their people with those lies if you could not push Israel into the sea when all Arab armies attacked them do you think you can do it now? 

The whole world knows Jerusalem belongs to the Jews and the earlier Hamas accepts this the better the state of Israel is going nowhere and I think the Arabs states already realized this and we even know the mosque in Jerusalem was built on a Jewish temple.

I always ask myself what does the world want from Israel, they have one small tiny place in the middle of the desert and they build it from scratch and if you doubt me go and see the pictures of Tel Aviv, so it seems like while the Palestinians were busy hating, the Jews were busy building, today Tel Aviv is the commercial capital of Israel built from Ground up, the world should tell Hamas enough is enough, they must make peace now, Jews already lost over 5million people what else do you people want from them?, we have over 30 Islamic countries and more Christian countries and we have Hindu and Buddhist countries, but just one tiny Jewish country. The Europeans must stop playing hide and see and speak the truth, you must leave this tiny Jewish country alone, I believe Israel has the right to exist and they will because they have sacrificed a lot to be where they are today

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