Monday, May 17, 2021

 The Yoruba Nation Osogbo Rain Was a Blessing From The gods

I was watching the Yoruba nation rally at Osogbo and it was a massive rally and the people trooped out in numbers to show their love and support for Sunday Igboho and Yoruba nation and you can clearly see that the Yorubas are tired of this forced marriage with the Fulanis, it was a powerful rally filled with people yearning for freedom. The people really want to be free and they would never back down.

People from the North were all over social media talk about the rain and some in the North said it was a bad sign, well I must tell you now that rain was a blessing from the gods giving their approval for Yoruba nation and not the other way round and if you noticed the rally already started and then later the rain started.

It would have been a bad sign from the gods if the rain started falling before the rally even started, the rain falling after tells us what we already know that the gods are in support of this project, and the brave sons and daughters of the Yoruba nation must not give up until victory is achieved

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