Thursday, May 20, 2021

 Warrant governor of Imo State 

We all noticed the absence of the governor whose state is on fire and who mostly needs security and stability in his state but many people like me were looking to see the pictures of the said governor and he was nowhere to be found, how will you miss such an important meeting? Even the governors from the southwest had to fly down to Asaba to show the Fulanis that the south is united and we mean what we say, it was disappointing for me and demoralizing and this further proves Nnamdi Kanu right yet again. Damn. It's like I told you so.

In fact, I see his absence at the meeting as an affront and an insult to the governors that attended, I don't care if the governor was abroad fly back home and meet with your fellow Southern governors so that there would be peace in Igbo land and the meeting is so crucial that he must not even be represented by his deputy, he must and should have been there, guns won't solve the problem because in case he didn't know the Igbos are not afraid when they want freedom.

This same warrant governor confessed on national TV that he invited the civilian killing machine aka Nigerian army to come and kill his own people the same people that elected him oh I forget he was not elected by the people he was imposed on the people by the Fulanis through the Fulani controlled supreme Court of Nigeria and we are not surprised that he is working for them and his absence at the meeting shows and proves what we all already know the governor is a warrant supreme court governor imposed on the people

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