Friday, May 21, 2021

 We Can Use The Fulani Strategy Against Them

I have written other articles about how cunning and smart the Fulanis think that they are, Fulani major strategy is divide and rule we can all see what happened recently where they tried to turn the Igbos and Yorubas against each other and it died on arrival, we are smarter and wiser.

I was sitting here thinking why can't we use the Fulani strategy against them growing up we never really knew about the Fulanis we call them all Hausas and we can start by educating the people in the North because I know we have many tribes there we can start by telling them how Fulanis stole their land we must make them go back their history and make them understand that we in the south never killed them and took away their land we must make them know that people from the south are on their land and the Fulanis are not indigenous to the north.

We must let the middle belt know how J.S Tarka wanted a free middle belt independent of the North.

We must let the Yorubas know how the Fulanis stole Ilorin from them, we must drill all these into their consciousness.

We must let the Niger delta people know how the Fulanis have destroyed their land and made it uninhabitable and till today nothing is done.

So you see we can use this same Fulani weapon against them and I am very sure it would work very well because the Fulanis have already lost this war

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