Friday, May 21, 2021

 We  Igbos Must Applaud Ipob

I was not born during the first Nigerian genocidal war against the Igbos who were simply defending themselves and asking for freedom, they wanted to be free from tyranny and oppression, they did nothing else, but they were bombed and killed.

Fast forward many things that caused the war is still happening, the country refused to accept its past, they hid history so the children won't read or know about the atrocities committed against their forefathers coupled with that they marginalized them and made them feel less of a Nigerian and then came Massob, I really don't know much about Massob because we didn't have Internet them like we do now and I think that is why people living outside the southeast didn't really know much, unlike now when someone in Solomon Island can read about Massob and Ipob.

IPOB was created from Massob after Uwazurike and Kanu fell out and you can't talk about Ipob without mentioning Massob because that was how it started. In this internet age Ipob is responsible for telling Igbos again about Biafra and opening old wounds and igniting the people's love for their country Biafra once again it started with hundreds and grew to thousands and millions and the worse mistake the Fulanis did was arresting Nnamdi Kanu and it made him more popular.

Nnamdi Kanu led Ipob spoke the truth and not really opened our eyes because we Igbos see what is going on but we are just numbing the pain because we know when our agitation starts we won't stop and it would be war or referendum but the Fulanis turned Kanu into a prophet a man that could see and predict the next moves of the Fulanis and this alone coupled with the failure of Buhari and this earned Kanu followers from all over even in Yoruba. land.

As much as we hate to say it and pretend we must applaud Ipob for their tenacity and perseverance in the face of killing and suppression they never stopped coming and I just use this opportunity to thank Massob even though they have been accused of embezzlement and we must thank Ipob all Ipob members that started the struggle and those that have died for the struggle, I just hope Ipob and the rest of the Igbo groups have a solid plan, we must not be killed like in 1967.

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