Sunday, May 30, 2021

We Must Be Free 50 Gun Salute For Our Heroes And Heroines

When are we going to have our 50 gun salute for our heroes and heroines, I was thinking about how brave my ancestors were, imagine they faced a combination of Fulani, Hausa, Tiv, Yorubas, Ikewerre, Niger deltas aka Adaka Boro in one army and then you add USSR, Egyptians in fact these ones were killers, they bomb women and children indiscriminately and you add USSR and then the white witch Britain, the main supervisor of the war I am not surprised, I have seen them do it recently in Armenia they supported the dictator of Azerbaijan to kill Armenians because of oil.

My ancestors were brave they fought against all odds, all they wanted was freedom, and nothing else, they were right to fight, we had no choice, it was about life or death, what did Ojukwu ask for at Aburi? Ojukwu never wanted war, but he was never going to be a Fulani slave,Ojukwu asked Gowon at Aburi for us to go back To regionalism where everyone can be responsible for her region and they refused and killed my people, today they are running around like rats trying to do the same thing Ojukwu asked for if you know you wanted to do it now why did you kill my people? why didn't you just do it then, well it is already too late we don't want Nigeria anymore, yes we are back in 1967 but this time around we won't be the only ones that would die.

We need our own country so we can give our heroes the 50 gun salute that they deserve and we must honor them properly and come to think of it there are really no monuments to honor the dead Biafrans, I saw the one in Asaba , that is not a monument, we need to build a Biafran temple, where we would go and mourn our dead, so this is why we need freedom, we must always remember them because they have been vindicated and the same thing they fought for is still happening in 2021.

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