Monday, May 17, 2021

 Why the Fulanis can never accept restructuring

We have been watching as the south beg their northern masters for restructuring and you people still don't understand how the Fulani caliphate operates, these people hate things they do not control and I would give you an example it is an open secret that the northerners control the BDC trade in Nigeria they buy dollars cheap from their Fulanis brothers that control the CBN and then sell it to us at a very high price and the corruption have eaten so deep that even a bank where you are supposed to buy forex legally would direct you to the black market sellers and people keep mute are we all mad in Nigeria and these are the first people that would scream corruption while they are swimming in corruption. this is why they banned cryptocurrency and while China and Russia are trying to Launch their cryptocurrency, let's face it we all know the southerners control the cryptocurrency market in Nigeria and this is what the Fulanis hate the most.

People got rich immediately after Buhari became president and even Buhari himself and his family member all got rich and remember Buhari borrow money to buy the presidential nomination form and Buhari's In-law is on the run because he is wanted for fraud, Fulani people made billions from Buhari presidency and this is part of the reason why they would never want to restructure Nigeria and the most important one is Biafra.

Imagine the South Eastern States with their own mini-army I mean police, all Igbo men with police uniforms, police cars and registered AK47 and other heavy weapons, I mean an Igbo police force, haha, the Fulanis would never sleep well at night and they can never allow it because they know if Igbos have their own police then we would have enough arms to fight for Biafra and as I said Fulanis hate things that they can't control.

Remember the oil from the south pays the salaries of kano state that have 44 local government yes Fulanis made it that way to make more money for themselves and while the people providing the oil have fewer local government and remember when Zamfara found gold they said the gold would be for Zamafara alone now imagine if these Fulanis have oil, they would have broken up Nigeria since, God is not a wicked God, just gold and they are greedy and want to eat alone.

So resource control, state police, and state laws, and many other things are the main reason why the Fulanis would never allow restructuring because the game is stacked against them and you can see all of them coming out to speak against restructuring and you begin to ask what are these people hiding, Remember Ojukwu went to Aburi for restructuring and the Fulanis refused and declared war on Igbos

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