Friday, May 21, 2021

 Why Igbos Must Diversify Their Assets

As they say, it is only a fool that does not learn from his history and only a foolish man learns from his own mistake.

This might sound like a prophecy or prediction and as much as we want to pretend Nigeria is going to break up and we must face the truth, if not now after 2023 it would die a natural death, so we must be smart and plan ahead of time.

Remember how you were given 20pounds? let me ask you if Nigeria breaks up which I know that it would, What will happen to the naira you all have in the banks? By the way, the naira is already getting worthless and we might be like Zimbabwe soon

I say to you invest in gold and dollars, buy gold and store it and put your dollars in your dom account, those abroad open dollar account and save it. even your politicians have money abroad.

Open an offshore account in tax-free countries and keep your dollars because Nigeria is heading for the rocks and nothing can stop it.

I say to you my brothers and sisters do not take this message as a joke just ask yourself what happens to my naira once Nigeria breaks up. Shalom

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