Sunday, May 9, 2021

                                  Why Nigerians Hate The Police And Armed Forces

To understand the Nigerian police and armed forces we must first understand our colonial masters because it was their police before the Nigerians or let's say black people took over and we all know back then there was no democracy and the colonial police was set up to suppress the black people and keep them in line, but after we got independence the Nigerian police and armed forces took that colonial mindset and instead of protecting their people they became the oppressor they oppress civilians are any slightest opportunity we have video evidence to prove it, the Nigerian police and army are trained to kill civilians, I call them the civilian killing machine if you doubt me read your history or refer your self to the events that happened recently, shall I give you an example, watch the videos of the Nigerian army killing unarmed shia protesters.

I was surprised that a major shia country like Iran said nothing I guess the Iranian interest do not lie in Nigeria and Iran its self is a dictatorship and I have seen how they brutalize their people and even their women, Again the killing of unarmed ipob members at the school in South Eastern Nigeria, I saw animals in uniform brutalizing people singing with just flags, an American soldier can never do such and if he does and seen on video he would be court martial-ed and kick off the army, except if the president decides to pardon him and infact he could be jailed if found guilty but in Nigeria reverse is the case a military man or a police man in Nigeria would tell you I will kill you and nothing will happen with impunity and trust me nothing will happen.

The only way the police and military can change is to first change their mindset and training and or let's say their doctrine, they must be made to understand that civilians are not their enemy on the battlefield and they must follow the rule of law, I watched a video of Nigerian female cadets insulting and cursing civilians calling them bloody civilians, what did the civilian do to the Nigerian military?is it a crime to be a civilian in Nigeria, Why do they train them to hate civilians? I guess the Nigerian army have fought no foreign wars please don't tell me about peacekeeping in Congo, I mean fighting a real war with another country, so they see nobody else to torment and nobody else to hate aside the Igbos of course.

Countries around the world they love their military and even to some extent the police I would use the USA to give you an example so you will understand what I mean the military are well respected and they always thank them for serving the country because the people know that they are sacrificing a lot and I have never seen the American military brutalize civilians in the USA like the Nigerian ones do,In Nigeria, we hate the police and the military and we don't respect them, As it is now we don't care about them and we tell them don't waste your life dying for Nigeria and as it is now we do not even fear them we only stand back because they carry guns the end sars protest can give you a clear picture of what I mean.

Maybe when Nigeria is broken and we all have our own countries then we can have our own doctrines to put in their heads and Biafra would be modeled on rule of law and the police and military must respect the people and In fact the military must stay In the barracks and police handles everything if there is a problem we deploy the swat unit, our army would be at our borders only to protect us against invaders and most importantly the police must have pistols with other weapons in the boot, no AK47 swinging around. if we do this the people would love their police and armed forces. If that is done the people would always pray for the police and military but as it is now even if they die we don't care. Because they hate us why love someone that hates you?

All over the Southeast the people there are attacking police and i tell the army to Remove the checkpoints we are not in Somalia for crying out loud I don't understand this obsession of the southeast by the Fulani, take your checkpoints out of Biafra land there is no war here, you set up checkpoints to collect money and further brutalize the people we don't have terrorist in the southeast, get out now or eventually, you will when Nigeria divides because it sure will.

I don't have a smile on my face like many other people,I do not support the killing of the army but lots of people are happy with the treatment the police and the army are getting it is like we finally found our Robin Hood to teach those civilian killing machines some sense, nobody has the monopoly of violence, the people are fed up and the army must leave Biafra land so that there would be peace, the Igbos can take care of themselves we have done it for thousands of years before the British joined us with Nigeria, I hope they change so they can get the love of the people but for now, we hate our military and police in the geographical expression or like Nnamdi Kanu calls them zoological Republic.

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