Wednesday, May 19, 2021

 Why Nnamdi Kanu Must Appoint A Deputy.

We Igbos hate dictatorship and this is probably one of the reasons why Uche Mefor left Ipob, if you have a deputy and you bypass him to make decisions then you don't regard and respect him and I support Uche Mefors move for leaving Ipob because he was disrespected and even me I won't stay where I am not regarded and respected. Every group must have a board and deputy and even dictatorships like North Korea have a deputy maybe his sister.

We all know having a deputy might be difficult especially if it is someone that does not share the same ideas as the leader and that would lead to conflict and if not managed properly it could lead to an armed conflict take for example the south Sudan case where the president is fighting his deputy.

One of the reasons why I always disagree with Kanu is Because of his command and control and giving him self all the power to make decisions, I don't think it should be that way even North Korea have advisor's, but I am not a member of Ipob and Kanu can run Ipob anyway he sees fit but I was thinking Ipob should be a template of how he would want to run Biafra, he should have a supreme council with him as the head and his deputy with a veto vote as well because in a country even the Supreme Court can shut down the president, he can always talk to his deputy to see reasons and agree with him, but having absolute power is dangerous and it reeks of dictatorship and not democracy.I agree with Kanu on Biafra and on  our right to defend ourselves my only disagreement is not having a deputy

Kanu is charismatic, Smart, and a sweet talker and it would be hard to find someone like him, but we have many in Ipob that share the same ideology as Kanu or are even more radical than Kanu, he should make that person the deputy in case something happens tomorrow so as not to kill the moral of Ipob and Igbos because like it or not I might not be a member of Ipob but I am in support of Kanu and I would speak out when he is wrong and let's face it  Kanu is the only person that can face the Fulani caliphate now we have nobody else, so as a matter of urgency Kanu should maybe train a deputy and he can be at the background but be ready to lead Ipob when the time comes, like it or not the gods of the land are with Kanu and Igbos must support him and still knock him when he messes up, we must not support the Fulanis against Kanu.

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