Sunday, May 23, 2021

 Why The State Of Israel Must Support The Igbo People

We all see and hear about what is going on in Israel, it started from the Temple Mount and then Hamas started firing a rocket towards Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and Israel activated the Iron Dome System. As an Igbo man and as a Christian we are born to support Israel it is in our DNA and we have over a 50million Igbos supporting Israel, I won't start this article without going back to the Nigerian genocidal civil war where the Nigerian civilian killing machine AKA Nigerian Army was unleashed in a combination of the British and the Egyptians to kill  Igbo civilians we all remember the Asaba massacre and many other ones perpetrated by the Nigerian forces and Arab mercenaries.

I make bold to say that I am a supporter of Israel and I support the Jewish state right to exist, we have Hamas on the other hand that wants to drive Israel into the sea. I have been following the Israeli-Palestinians Conflict and I understand it all, Hamas are not freedom fighters and they don't want freedom they are playing politics with the lives of the ordinary people, Israel wants peace and please before you doubt all I say do your research about the Palestinians conflict, Israel gave up Sinai peninsula for peace with Egypt and Israel have sacrificed to make peace with the Palestinians by pulling out of Gaza and so many other Sacrifices they have made for peace.

But Hamas on the other hand does not want peace because the conflict is a multi-billion dollar money-making machine for Hamas and the rest of the jihadist, and in case you don't know Arab countries are tired of Hamas refusal to make peace and this round of diplomatic war won't be won by Hamas because the world could see that Hamas fired rockets first at civilian areas, the Arabs are tired and this is why they are making peace with Israel, the Palestinian issue to the Arabs is just like a bed bug that you just can't get rid of, they have been blackmailed into supporting Hamas and PLO for many years without gaining nothing.

Let us go back to history and even the Arabs know this history we know Jerusalem belongs to the Jews and Jordan is Palestinian, I would be writing another article on that soon, Israel supported Igbos during the Nigerian Civil war but did so covertly. I just say to Israel now is the time for you to openly support the Igbos, we have over  50million Igbos that support you and we share cultures and traditions we have Igbo Jewish people, if Iran can openly support Hamas and other terror groups why can't you openly support the Igbos?, if you don't want to openly support the Igbos do it covertly and do it massively like the Iranians support Hamas.

The Igbos needs the full support of the state of Israel because you have a lot to gain from a free Biafra and you have a lot to lose from the Fulani led government of Nigeria, every year the people in the North protest against you but the Igbos love you and cherish you and I ask myself why can't you give us your full support, Nigeria is breaking and I think this is the time that you have to start supporting us.

The region of the Igbos and her sister regions are supporters of Israel and why do you support or maintain diplomatic ties with the Nigerian led Fulani government that hates you?, Turkey openly supports and host Hamas, what is stopping you Israel from supporting the Igbos, the Nigerian government is coming to kill us and we the Igbos are pleading with you as a country and as people that have experienced genocide we share the same pain, I ask you oh Israel will you stand by and allow the Muslim led Fulani government to Slaughter the Igbos again like they did in are stronger now and Nigeria can not match you at the world stage, we are calling for your support. Shalom

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