Saturday, May 29, 2021

 You Killed 5Million Of Us And You Tell Us To Forget, Are You Alright In The Head?

The Biafran genocidal remembrance day is one 1day away and we have been hearing lots of talks from all angles from the descendants of Nnamdi Azikiwe and Ifeajuna telling us not to remember our people that died and I ask are these people alright in the head? Why are some of these Igbo people the ones sabotaging the Igbo efforts? why are these Ifeajuna lineage working with the Fulanis?  How can you kill 5million of us and ask us to forget and move on? Why did the northerners not move on after the first coup? Why did they revenge and kill Ironsi?

Let's look at it this way after the genocidal war the war criminal Yakubu Gowon yapped his nonsense about no Victor no-nonsense and then promised federal might to rehabilitate the region, but nothing was done the federal government did absolutely nothing for the southeast we the people had to rebuild ourselves.

Today the government is using our oil money to rebuild, Borno, Yobe, and the rest Ravaged by their Sahel brothers what they never did for us, and even after the war they marginalized us and treated us bad like slaves and then turn around and say oh don't remember the 5million we killed and I begin to ask are you all mad?. The USA dropped an atomic bomb on japan and in return, they did a lot for japan, Germany just apologized for committing genocide against Namibia, why must Biafra be different?

Anybody asking Igbos not to remember our people that died would be eaten by the Udele of Igbo land after the Fulanis must have slashed your heads with their blade, and all you useless Igbos telling us to forget our heroes the same faith will befall on you.

Look like it or not we will continue to remember and we will continue to talk about it and even after we are free we shall keep on talking about it and we won't stop and you can't stop it and we remember how you killed us, we remember, we shall never forget

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