Wednesday, May 5, 2021

 The Reason Why Most Times I Disagree With Kanu

 I respect what he is doing and no other group after the civil war have paid the highest price like ipob and massob have done but however I must still always disagree with him and support him if he says what is right

I was listening to a show of his questions and answers and you see the reason why I decided to take no sides between kanu, mefor and Uwazurike, because if you are outside that circle you would be able to reason and see clearly

Someone called the show and made a suggestion about doing something musically like fela because fela is the greatest music from the Yoruba nation take it or leave it, fela was and still is a music god, he still lives till today the same man that warned us about Buhari, I call him abamieda, Kanu said he wanted to put it inside a book and not music, Kanu is out of touch with this present generation we no like book and we no get time to ready but music travels faster to our brains, who get time to read book, as we say school na scam, a country where you can become a president with no certificate and you need bsc to work in a bank and at the end of the day take orders from the zero certificate man.

Music is stronger and at the same time. You can turn that music into a book and music lives forever in peoples hearts and mind

You see why I don't like the current structure of ipob, I feel they should have a board and one more person should have a veto, so there can be a balance.

That idea of music should still be implemented and pushed with the might of ipob and Biafrans in general so that even the man In Solomon Island can hear the Biafran voice

Music is a very good idea and must be implemented, the wicked government of Nigeria killed felas mother and eventually killed him, they started unknown soldiers. I ask who sent soldiers to kill felas mother?

As I always say Kanu is the only Igbo now that is applying pressure on the Fulanis, no other Igbo man, so we must support him and  at the same time let him know where he is going wrong because we must prevent any other war in Igbo land.

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