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 Aguiyi Ironsi Was Bigger Than Tafawa Balewa

Let's go back a bit, remember the first Nigerian coup led by an Igbo man from delta state yes delta state for those of them saying that they are not Igbo, we all know it was not an Igbo or ethnic coup but the Fulanis tagged it as an Igbo coup and used the excuse to massacre Igbos, after the first coup the Fulani planned a counter-coup because they wanted revenge against the Igbos and they went to Ibadan and killed the head of state Aguiyi Ironsi an Igbo man and they even killed a Yoruba man as well Adekunle Fajuyi.

So what were the Fulanis thinking that we would just let it slide? OK the score was 1-1, an Igbo man killed tafawa balewa and you people killed Ironsi and you want us to still be together? Are you people insane in the head? After you killed Ironsi because you feared the backlash that was why you use a Christian and a war criminal Gowon to face the Igbos while you monsters stood behind. yes, i know the mastermind was Murtala the dead war criminal and  wrote about how Fulanis love to use Christians here

You killed an Igbo man  the head of state a fine officer well decorated by the white witch Britain, not like the quota system and killer Buratai and you expect Ojukwu to sit down and watch and do nothing and you even killed over 30,000 Igbos even before the Civil War and in fact the revenge killing of an Igbo man means you people ended Nigeria,

Aguiyi Ironsi is 100 times bigger first Nigeria indigenous officer to head the entire Nigerian Army and better than your quota system tafawa balewa, igbos have more rights in Nigeria more than you Fulanis invaders that came from mali, you people held us down after you killed Ironsi till this very day, but guess what the blood of  Ironsi and the millions of Igbos have risen up and we must take what belongs to us and that is freedom.


In 1942, Aguiyi-Ironsi joined the Nigerian Regiment, as a private with the seventh battalion. He was promoted in 1946 to company sergeant major. Also in 1946, Aguiyi-Ironsi was sent on an officer training course in Staff College, Camberley, England. On 12 June 1949, after completion of his course at Camberley, he received a short-service commission as a second lieutenant in the Royal West African Frontier Force, with a subsequent retroactive promotion to lieutenant effective from the same date.

Aguiyi-Ironsi was granted a regular commission on 16 May 1953 (seniority from 8 October 1947), and was promoted to captain with effect from the same date (seniority from 8 October 1951).

Aguiyi-Ironsi was one of the officers who served as equerry for Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom and Nigeria, at the time she visited Nigeria in 1956, for which he was appointed a Member of the Royal Victorian Order (MVO). He was promoted to Major on 8 October 1958.

In 1960, Aguiyi-Ironsi was made commandant of the fifth battalion in Kano, Nigeria, with the rank of lieutenant colonel

Later in 1960, Aguiyi-Ironsi headed the Nigerian contingent force of the United Nations Operation in the Congo. From 1961 to 1962, Aguiyi-Ironsi served as the military attaché to the Nigeria High Commission in London, United Kingdom. During this period he was promoted to the rank of brigadier. During his tenure as military attaché he attended courses at the Imperial Defence college (renamed Royal College of Defence Studies in 1961), Seaford House, Belgrave Square. He was appointed a Member of the Order of the British Empire, Military Division (MBE) in the 1962 New Year Honours list.

In 1964 he was appointed as the commandant of the entire United Nations peacekeeping force in the Congo.

In 1965, Aguiyi-Ironsi was promoted to the rank of major general. That same year Major General C.B. Welby-Everard handed over his position as the general officer Commanding, GOC of the entire Nigerian Army to Major General Johnson Thomas Umunnakwe Aguiyi-Ironsi (making him the first Nigeria indigenous officer to head the entire Nigerian Army)

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