Wednesday, June 23, 2021

 Buhari aka EL-Buhari King of Suffering And Famine

In fact, whenever I want to write about Buhari I get so angry and pissed because our generations are so stupid, but not the Igbos because we rejected Buhari whenever they brought him even when they packaged him with an Igbo man we still rejected him because we know the man was a failure and I wrote about Buhari here and how Nigerians have no sense of history and I have told you people times without number that the man is a failure and he would always remain a failure and name one project that Buhari started and completed? I would wait, let me guess Nada

The man should have been banned from ever holding political office in Nigeria I call him the 1983 failure the man failed in 1983 when he had the military power to do anything he wanted  I wrote about him here can a Leopard change its spots, but guess what Buhari can never change, he would always remain the same failure of 1983.

I was reading something online now of how Honeywell produced a mini spaghetti and it was funny like really, Buhari has really destroyed Nigeria, people are suffering just like in 1983, people queued to buy milk and today the same thing is happening and everyone is keeping mute, nobody can challenge the dictator Buhari, he is free to do whatever he likes, NBA is silent and nobody can face this failure, the supreme court is controlled by Buhari and let's take 2mins to lay some curses those that brought this man back plus the half % of Igbos that supported this man ngige and Joe ibokwe and co.

Now, this brings me to the main issue do you know that Buhari was nicknamed Elbuhari? now open your eyes and read  In 1985, prompted by economic uncertainties and a rising crime rate, the government of Buhari opened the borders (closed since April 1984) with Benin, Niger, Chad and Cameroon to speed up the expulsion of 700,000 illegal foreigners and illegal migrant workers. Buhari is today known for this crisis; there even is a famine in the east of Niger that have been named "El Buhari". His regime drew criticism from many, including Nigeria's first Nobel Prize winner Wole Soyinka, who, in 2007, wrote a piece called "The Crimes of Buhari" which outlined many of the abuses conducted under his military rule.

So everything happening today have already happened as far back as 1983, I urge our youth to open the history books and read, and as much as I don't believe in Nigeria anymore but if you bring IBB or Idiagbon this present crop of Nigerians would still vote and I saw a poll on Facebook people were telling us the party that they would vote in 2023 and I was surprised seeing people saying they would still vote for APC in 2023, and I ask myself are we all mad in Nigeria?

 Well, I get it even Nicholas Maduro that destroyed Venezuela still has followers, and lastly, I don't pity you Nigerians, you deserve to suffer and this is just the beginning because by the time Buhari is finished with you trust me Zimbabwe would be better than you.

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