Sunday, June 20, 2021

 Alfred Diete-Spiff The Man That Betrayed Biafra. 

I have written articles about how Fulanis love to use the Christians against themselves, they used Adaka boro against Aguiyi Ironsi and they used Gowon to fight Ojukwu and they used the same war criminal Gowon again to fight Ojukwu only this time they used  Alfred Diete-Spiff they used the man to divide the Eastern region and in return, they massacred and killed Igbos. 

The god of Igbos are always on their side, let's take a look at everyone that betrayed Biafra from the Fulanis, today some Yorubas are in IDP camps and I am Half Yoruba but I must say the truth, Benue people killed Igbos because of the Fulanis but look at them today, so-called Niger delta man  Alfred Diete-Spiff that supported the Fulanis look at him today he was chased away by his own people and his Palace and building was burned down,note by Igbo speaking people, watch the video

 Look at the Niger delta today the same people that supported the Fulanis, their land is a mess and their people are suffering and their wealth have been stolen and not by Igbos but the Fulanis they supported, look at the rivers people, they killed and stole Igbo land but today Fulanis are killing them and they can't even go to their farm's and their land is uninhabitable and their land is polluted.

As Igbos, we won't laugh at their misfortune because no man is perfect so we must move ahead not and face our common enemy the Fulanis.But even if you don't support us against the Fulanis we would get Biafra with or without your help and you can stay in Nigeria if you want.

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