Saturday, June 12, 2021

Fulanis And The Threat of A Second Civil War In Nigeria

I was on the internet street as usual and I stumbled on a funny publication by the Arewa bla bla bla saying they want Nigeria the way it is and Nigeria can't separate without war, it was so funny to me because I know it is only during the slave trade that a master can mistreat his slaves and the slaves have no choice but to stay with the master and I say to the Fulanis we Igbos are not slaves history should tell you that, how do you keep beating and beating and beating a child and tell him not to cry?.

The Fulanis have been beating Igbos for the past 40yrs and we have been holding it but now is the time for us to cry and 2023 presidency won't save Nigeria from breaking up, it has gotten to a point where we can no longer take it.

Enough with this emotional blackmail and the threat of war, they must remember this is not 1967 where you turned the middle belt, Yorubas, and even our so-called rivers people against the Igbos. We the Igbos do not want war because we have tasted war and we know war does not have any winning sides, we all lose, we want a peaceful separation of Nigeria and remember the Igbo people have been here before the British came, we have our own cultures and traditions, we have nothing in common with you people. In 1967 we were forced to defend ourselves for freedom and what we believe in.

Fulanis should know that Igbos are the last people that they should be threatening with war because we are not scared all we want is freedom and they should know that if they come to our land to kill us we have the right to defend ourselves and this war won't be between Igbos and the rest of the world, it would be between the rest of the world against the Fulanis because Britain won't support them this time around and the people from the middle belt and Yorubas won't support them and even if we have traitors in rivers state we know almost half of them won't support them like they did during the genocidal war.

Therefore it should be made known to the Fulanis that we Igbos are peaceful people and we do not want war but if attacked we would defend ourselves and nothing will stop the break up of Nigeria because Nigeria is crumbling before our eyes.

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