Wednesday, June 16, 2021

 Biafra: Fulanis Are Delusional About The So-Called South-South

We all heard how Buhari boasted that they have been assured by some elders and youths in the South-South that they won't leave with the Igbos and he described Igbo land as a dot with nowhere to go and I laugh, these Fulanis must really think that this is 1967 when they divided the old eastern region  And made the chief traitor Alfred Diete Spiff governor.

Do they really think if Igbos go with 5 states that Nigeria would remain one?LOL, What kind of alcoholic Gworo do these people chew because they sound high AF.

The only people holding this country together are the Igbos and if they go with 5states Nigeria would break, even the Hausas would want their own country and Ijaw would form their own nation, but I doubt they might to remain slaves to the Fulanis and the other tribes in the Niger delta would form their own country or those that want to join Biafra would join.

So the Fulanis better wake up because this your strategy is a failed one, I know you have exhausted all your strategies and they all failed, no tribe would want to live under the Fulani control anymore, the middle belt would go and the Yorubas as well, so please Fulanis give us 5 states.

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